AI governance refers to the management and regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) systems to ensure that they are developed, deployed and used ethically and responsibly. It involves setting guidelines, policies and principles for AI development and use, as well as monitoring and enforcing compliance with those guidelines.

AI Governance Limited is a purpose-driven company that specialises in providing AI governance consulting services. We work with businesses, public sector and not for profit organisations to ensure that their AI systems are developed, deployed and used ethically and responsibly. We’re guided by our mission – to inspire as many organisations as possible to use AI with wisdom and integrity.

Yes we spend a lot of time speaking at events! From webinars and online workshops to in person conferences and Board development sessions, we believe it’s important to inspire as many people as possible to understand what AI is, how it could be used in their organisation and what the ethical issues are they need to be aware of. If you have an event where we could add value, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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We provide business consultancy, board development, executive education, research, regulatory advice and pro bono services.  You can find out more about our services here.

The term “artificial Intelligence” was first coined by John McCarthy, one of the founders of the discipline, in 1955. He was a young Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Dartmouth College in America, where he organised a summer workshop – known as the 1956 Dartmouth conference – to bring together a group of experts to develop ideas about “thinking machines”.

So the idea of artificial intelligence has been around for a while but it may surprise you to learn that there is no single agreed-upon definition of what AI is.

It is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “the capacity of computers or other machines to exhibit or simulate intelligent behaviour”. And it’s defined by the UK Government as: “technologies with the ability to perform tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition and language translation”.

A broad definition that we often see used is that AI refers to “computers completing tasks near, at or above human levels of achievement”.

To learn more about what AI is and how to make use of it, take a look at our course that explains it from scratch.

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Our clients include businesses and corporations, public sector organisations and not for profit organisations. We work with organisations of all sizes, and across various business sectors, to help them develop and implement ethical and responsible AI governance practices.

Our clients are also people who come to us individually for help with understanding the opportunities and risks of AI, as well as our Executive Education students.

Sure! Take a look at this video for an explanation of large language models – ChatGPT in particular – in less than 3 minutes. We’ve created a new short and affordable course so you can learn about generative AI and keep your skills up to date. Enrol here and plug the gaps in your knowledge.

From time to time we have a Chatbot on this website that is powered by ChatGPT so you can ask questions and see what answers you get. Our bot is tuned so it should only converse about AI education, AI ethics and AI governance. But beware, bots can be tricked and they don’t always give true answers. We monitor it and switch it off when it doesn’t perform as it should!