Influence the control of artificial intelligence

We all know that technology has the power to benefit or harm our businesses.  AI takes this to another level with new opportunities and threats emerging every week. There is little regulation on the development and use of AI tools however, so it is up to us as business leaders to control them. But do Boards have the skills and […]

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Your case study could feature in our new report

Would you like to share the challenges you have overcome with governing the use of AI in your business? As part of the 2022 AI Governance research report (to be published in October) we will feature case studies from a variety of business sectors. Whether your story is about trying different ways to stimulate cross-functional teams, Board involvement in developing […]

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Will Meta give in to shareholder pressure on governance?

Take a look at this analysis from Charles Radclyffe examining the growing shareholder scrutiny of Meta. Charles points out that the potential size of the metaverse is so massive that investors are particularly keen to look back at past management and governance failures to extrapolate how well businesses are likely to fair in this emerging world. He’s also critical of […]

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Societies are not prepared for AI — politically, legally or ethically

Societies are not prepared for AI — politically, legally or ethically. This is the conclusion of a recent TechCrunch report by Angela Kane and Wendell Wallach who argue that AI will: shift the balance of power between nations; empower a new set of geopolitical players beyond nation states; and open possibilities for new forms of conflict. The world is not […]



Speaking at DTX Manchester about AI ethics, we inevitably talked about training and skills. It was a privilege to meet and talk with many other experts in the field. Thanks to James McGough, Managing Director of Imago Techmedia, for the article below. Find out more from Sue in conversation with Proctor & Stevenson as part of their Women in Business […]


5 AI tips every C-suite leader should follow

Foreseeing and keeping up with changes in business risk is always at the top of business leaders’ minds but, when we are dealing with opportunities and threats outside our sphere of expertise, fear of damaging the business by not spotting a new threat can keep us awake at night. At a presentation I gave last week, I asked the audience […]

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New support for Board members

The possibilities AI offers are enormous but how do Board members know where the pitfalls lie so they can assess risks and make good investment decisions? AI Governance is supporting Board members to get educated on the possibilities and pitfalls of AI so you can move forward with confidence. Through online or in-person sessions we will work with you to […]

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About time Big Business learned from small business

The uneven spread of the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the UK is striking. A new report shows 90% of large organisations are already working on AI solutions but less than 50% of smaller businesses are in the game. The DCMS report – Data foundations and AI adoption in the UK private and third sectors – out yesterday looks […]

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Why don’t you have a digital strategy?

As a CEO I was asked by the Board to draw up a digital strategy and find a digital champion to join the Board.  Sounds like a great idea, right? Well I found out it was exactly wrong. I talked to many technical experts as I investigated how to create a digital strategy and quickly realised two things: Most organisations […]

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Is AI ethics ahead of its time?

If you asked 602 technology innovators, business leaders, researchers and policy specialists how universal AI ethics will be by 2030, just how upbeat do you think they would be?  This month a survey from Pew Research Center and Elon University asked tech experts what progress they thought would be made on creating ethical artificial intelligence by 2030.  A massive 68% reported […]

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