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What’s going to add 14% to global GDP by 2030? AI will according to this report from PwC. And the latest data from Statista show major growth in AI, driven by the increasing demand for AI-powered solutions. But we know most organisations are still in the foothills of their journey with AI. So we’re here to help you get started with AI in your organisation, without losing sight of your values.

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At AI Governance, we believe Responsible AI is the key to unlocking its true potential for businesses like yours. Our Business Consultancy service guides you through the entire journey, from learning the basics of what AI is, to developing ideas to use it and putting them into action. All whilst ensuring your AI initiatives are aligned with your values, mitigate risks, and contribute positively to society.

AI Governance RAI Framework

Here’s how we help you start using AI responsibly:

1. Tailored AI Strategy:

  • Identify opportunities: Our workshops support you to discover how AI can address your specific challenges and unlock growth potential
  • Develop a roadmap: We create a customised plan that aligns your AI goals with your business strategy, purpose and values
  • Navigate regulations: We help you understand and comply with emerging regulations, standards and good practice.

2. Responsible Implementation:

  • Governance framework: We’ll use our Responsible AI Framework to support you to ensure responsible development, deployment and use of AI
  • Ethics assessment & mitigation: We identify and address potential biases, fairness concerns, transparency and explainability challenges
  • Impact assessment: We evaluate the social and environmental impact of your AI initiatives.

3. Building Trust & Transparency:

  • Governance and controls: We develop clear and effective governance and controls that fit your culture
  • Training & awareness: We equip your workforce with the knowledge and skills to contribute to responsible AI practices
  • Change management: We support you in navigating cultural shifts and fostering a culture of responsible AI adoption.

Beyond Expertise, We Offer Partnership

We are passionate about helping leaders like you use AI as a force for good and we want to be partners in your responsible AI journey. We collaborate closely with you, providing ongoing guidance and support from getting started with AI to growing confidence and skills.

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Here’s what happened at one of our recent Board development sessions

We tailored the session to the stage the Directors were at; some wanted to know the basics of how AI works, whilst others were keen to get into the details of the risks using AI could bring.

Board leader discussion

After covering the basics to get everyone on the same page, we facilitated the discussion about how the business could use AI and posed challenging questions like:

  • Who’s the Board champion who can bring real clout to your plans to use AI?
  • How are you going to tackle the tricky grey areas of AI ethics?
  • How will you consult with people across the business (and outside) to gather views and disseminate the Board’s decisions on the guardrails you put in place from the top?

It was a great presentation, thoughtful and thought-provoking in equal measure, which prompted lots of discussions on the tables, and subsequently over drinks. You left people with a clear sense of the opportunities offered by AI as well as realistic sense of some of the threats, cutting through the hyperbole which has been such a feature of recent media coverage.

Ready to start using AI – time to explore the risks

Now they were ready with ideas to start using AI we worked on the risks their plans for AI could bring and how to mitigate them, using our Responsible AI framework. At the end of the session they had a comprehensive plan for how to move forward with using AI responsibly, including areas to work on such as:

  • Ethics – you could allow your algorithms to play on human psychology and manipulate people into behaving in certain ways, but should you?
  • Bias – is your data truly representative or could it contain bias?
  • Data privacy – do you have genuine, informed consent to use personal data?
  • Transparency – how do the algorithms in your model weight the data? Are outcomes clear and transparent or black box?
  • Explainability – can you explain how your AI models work? Who should you be informing?
  • Regulations – are you complying with regulations (which could include GDPR, the UK Age Appropriate Design Code and proposed regulations in the EU, UK, US and other jurisdictions)?
  • Safety and cyber security – will your model work reliably in all circumstances and is the data – including new data being consumed by the model – safe and securely held?
  • Diversity and inclusivity – is your AI application inclusive by design and does it empower everyone?

“The ethical issues that arise from AI … require expertise and insights across a wide range of disciplines, from technology and regulatory compliance to philosophy, psychology, and sociology—and everything in between.”

Deloitte AI Institute

Why use AI Governance?

We’ve been in your shoes, leading dynamic businesses and not-for-profit organisations. Couple this with our hands-on expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, and you can see that we have the experience to understand the pressures on you to act fast and bring strategic and practical advice to your team.

These Questions for Boards give you a flavour of the discussion you need to have in the Boardroom. We can help you work through the complexities to get answers that are right for your business.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you to set up appropriate scale AI and data governance from scratch and ensure it’s in the Goldilocks-zone – just right for your organisation.