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What’s going to add 14% to global GDP by 2030? AI will according to this report from PwC. So we’re here to help you get a slice of the action for your business.

It was a great presentation, thoughtful and thought-provoking in equal measure, which prompted lots of discussions on the tables, and subsequently over drinks. You left people with a clear sense of the opportunities offered by AI as well as realistic sense of some of the threats, cutting through the hyperbole which has been such a feature of recent media coverage.

Igniters, Scalers and Optimisers

We work with:

  • Igniters – identify the AI opportunities that give you real business value plus leadership development to get the team ready to start using AI responsibly
  • Scalers – build and structure your AI ethics and governance approaches using best practice comparators and emerging standards
  • Optimisers – improve how you use AI through testing and internal audit of your AI governance so you can demonstrate your deployment of responsible AI and keep ahead of the pack.

We tailor the outputs of our consultancy to the stage you are at, and what you need next, with challenging questions like:

  • Who’s the Board champion who can bring real clout to your plans to use AI?
  • How are you going to tackle the tricky grey areas of AI ethics?
  • How will you consult with people across the business to gather views and disseminate the Board’s decisions on the guardrails you put in place from the top?
  • Who is impacted by your AI use and how can you gain insights from diverse inputs and multi-stakeholder feedback?

You need tangible outputs so we can give you:

  • Increased Board and management capability and confidence in evaluating AI use cases, as well as identifying and dealing with the associated ethics issues
  • A tailored AI governance strategy that fits your goals
  • Cohesion between AI governance frameworks and your other governance policies and processes
  • Identification of potential risks in your use of data, models and wider processes
  • Recommendations for algorithmic risk and impact assessments
  • Highlighting the opportunities to increase your social impact
  • Engagement as your firm’s Ethics Advisor

Planning for the challenges and threats

Tesla self driving car by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash
A Tesla car – who’s in control?

You wouldn’t design a vehicle to get you from A to B without thinking about how to control it.

It’s the same with all types of AI. We need to think about the risks and how we control these tools right from the start.

AI Governance business consultancy works with your team to examine the implications of how you are using (or planning to use) AI and what controls you need to have in place. For example:

  • Risks – what new risks does using machine learning and AI pose for your organisation?
  • Ethics – you could allow your algorithms to play on human psychology and manipulate people into behaving in certain ways, but should you?
  • Bias – is your data truly representative or could it contain bias?
  • Data privacy – do you have genuine, informed consent to use personal data?
  • Transparency – how do the algorithms in your model weight the data? Are outcomes clear and transparent or black box?
  • Regulations – are you complying with regulations (which could include GDPR, the UK Age Appropriate Design Code and proposed regulations in the EU, UK, US and other jurisdictions)?
  • Safety and cyber security – will your model work reliably in all circumstances and is the data – including new data being consumed by the model – safe and securely held?
  • Diversity and inclusivity – is your AI application inclusive by design and does it empower everyone?

“The ethical issues that arise from AI … require expertise and insights across a wide range of disciplines, from technology and regulatory compliance to philosophy, psychology, and sociology—and everything in between.”

Deloitte AI Institute

Why use AI Governance?

We’ve been in your shoes, leading dynamic businesses and not-for-profit organisations. Couple this with our hands-on expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, and you can see that we have the experience to understand the pressures on you to act fast and bring strategic and practical advice to your team.

These Questions for Boards give you a flavour of the sort of discussion you need to have in the Boardroom. We can help you work through the complexities to get answers that are right for your business.

Does good governance limit innovation?

You want good AI governance but you don’t want to “gold-plate” your processes and risk slowing down your growth.  Good AI governance means your organisation has policies, procedures and structures for managing your use of artificial intelligence tools – whether you develop them internally or buy them in from suppliers. 

But you want to innovate and act fast so how do you get the right balance? It’s all about creating the right way for your organisation, looking at all the key factors.

“If people are good because they fear punishment and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.”

Albert Einstein

For some organisations, an ethics committee could be the right mechanism to add to your existing board structures, or you might be better served by a series of staff and management review sessions.

Whatever mechanism you set up, good AI governance also means checking the processes are being used in practice, reviewing and updating them as needed. And also knowing how what you are doing compares to standards currently being developed in different countries.

Audits of AI, algorithmic and autonomous systems are being devised and we’re working with global leaders in this field. That means we can guide you in best practice so you’re ready for audits in the future. We also advise on the regulations that are under discussion in the fora that affect you so you can keep up with the changing scene.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you to set up appropriate scale AI and data governance from scratch and ensure it’s in the Goldilocks-zone – just right for your organisation.