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From one-to-one training to bite-sized online courses, we’ll get you up to speed with what AI is and how to use it in your organisation with wisdom and integrity.

When you read this AI Explainer from The Financial Times, do you want to know more? Are you confused by the jargon around AI and puzzled by how to use it in your organisation? The 2022 AI Governance research report shows that most leaders – in businesses of all sizes, public sector and not-for-profits – don’t have the knowledge or confidence to control how AI is used in their organisations or their supply chain.

This is a problem for the leaders themselves, their organisations and wider society but education courses are either exorbitantly expensive or of patchy quality. Our mission is to inspire as many organisations as possible to use AI with wisdom and integrity. So we want to help you get the knowledge you need.

One to one training

Most leaders don’t know what AI is, let alone how they can harness it’s power for their organisation. If you want to fast-track your learning, with training tailored to fit your situation, ask about our one-to-one training.

We start with a 30 minute consultation to assess your existing knowledge, business requirements and timescales. Then we agree the contents of the training programme, as well as where and how it will be delivered. At the end you’ll have course notes and plans to ensure you have a firm grasp on your newly honed skills.

Learn online any time

Our AI for Leaders – the Essentials course will give you the essential skills in less than four hours. Take a look at the course summary below.

To zero in on generative AI, study Harness the power of ChatGPT and generative AI in your business and you’ll have the core information you need in less than an hour.

Contact us for multi-licence arrangements for enterprises for any of our courses.

We’re developing a range of Executive Education courses to address skills gaps and ensure leaders are ready to take charge of how data and AI are used in their organisations.

Ready to learn?

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