Every day new uses are being created for Artificial Intelligence.  The rapid pace of technological development is exciting so it’s easy either to race ahead with using AI in your organisation without thinking through the governance and ethical implications, or be frozen into inaction simply because you don’t know where to start.

Our Board development sessions support Boards and Senior Leadership Teams to get on with using AI – with wisdom and integrity.

Looking for an idea for your next Board Strategy Day or Team Away Day?

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Does your Board understand the power and potential of AI?

Are you starting from scratch with learning about AI? Our Executive Education courses start with an introduction to AI from which you’ll learn what AI is (and isn’t), the different types of AI and how to work on potential use cases for AI in your organisation.
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Our latest research shows that most Board members don’t know about the potential and risks of AI for their organisation. To fulfil our mission to inspire organisations to use AI with wisdom and integrity, we are dedicated to helping leaders understand the possibilities and pitfalls of AI.

“AI has the potential to transform our business but it also presents risks around data security, accuracy and bias.  Sue Turner at AI Governance helped us to better understand the opportunities and threats and develop our plans to explore this exciting topic.”
James Saralis, CEO, NAHL Group plc

When we facilitate your Board Development session you’ll discuss:

  1. What do you want to predict, personalise or automate?
    Teams often focus narrowly when they start imagining potential uses for AI. It can be good to start small, but as many as 85% of Machine Learning and Data Science projects fail so fitting AI use cases to your strategy and objectives is key to avoiding costly mistakes. We support you to get creative and then focus on the applications that are most likely to succeed and have significant, relevant impact.
  2. Data
    The most brilliant ideas to use AI will fail if you can’t get the data to feed in to a model. So what data does the organisation already have and what new data could you source – with integrity?
  3. Ethics and risks
    Using AI can change your culture or bring new risks to the business so it is vital that the Board really understands the power and potential of AI to help or harm. In the Board development session you’ll discuss and agree how you’re going to govern AI from the start and what guardrails you want to erect.

Take a look at our Questions for Boards to see more of the key areas we’ll cover with your Board. A massive 65% of executives can’t explain how their AI models make decisions. Don’t be like them. Bring us in to develop your Board so you can use AI with wisdom and integrity.