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Every day new uses are being created for Artificial Intelligence.  The rapid pace of technological development is exciting so it’s easy either to race ahead with using AI in your organisation without thinking through the governance and ethical implications, or be frozen into inaction simply because you don’t know where to start. At AI Governance we provide consultancy services to support leaders to develop, establish and maintain policies and procedures for the ethical and responsible use of AI in their organisations.

“This developing focus on ethics is no fad, and companies that treat it as such put themselves at considerable risk.”

Financial Times – 6 December 2020

You wouldn’t design a vehicle to get you from A to B without thinking about how to control it. It’s the same with AI – we need to think about the risks and how we control it right from the start.

  • Does your Board understand the power and potential of AI?
  • What new risks does using machine learning and AI pose for your organisation?
  • You could allow your algorithms to play on human psychology and manipulate people into behaving in certain ways, but should you?
  • Is your data truly representative or could it contain bias?
  • How do the algorithms in your model weight the data?
  • Will your model work reliably in all circumstances and is the data – including new data being consumed by the model – safe and securely held?
  • Have the data subjects given real, informed consent?
  • What about inclusivity – does your app empower everyone?

These are just some of the questions we can help you figure out. With over three decades experience in dynamic businesses and not-for-profit organisations, plus hands-on expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, we have the experience to understand the pressures on you to act fast and bring strategic and practical advice to your team. This Boardroom Checklist gives you a flavour of the sort of questions you need to be asking and we can help you work through the complexities to get answers that are right for your business.

Sue Turner, Director of AI Governance
Sue Turner, Director of AI Governance

About Sue Turner

Sue Turner has dedicated her career to growing businesses and helping people improve their prospects.  The first in her family ever to go to university, she is a Law graduate from Bristol University and has a reputation for combining innovation with scrupulous good governance in private, not-for-profit and public sectors.  She has recently completed her Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science and founded AI Governance Limited to advise businesses, not-for-profits and policy makers on pragmatic AI, data ethics and governance issues.

She is passionate about promoting social justice and was awarded an OBE for Services to Social Justice in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2021. She’s helped many businesses make a genuine, positive societal impact and has has pledged to donate 20% of her time annually to actively supporting charities and social causes.

She is Chair of Trustees at the Faculty of Clinical Informatics, a rapidly growing professional body which is fast-tracking the skills development of people working in health and social care to accelerate the benefits of information and technology for everyone. She is also a Non Executive Director and Chair of the Remuneration & Nominations Committee for Cornish Mutual Assurance, the farming insurance experts. 

Sue was previously Chief Executive Officer of Quartet Community Foundation, one of the oldest and largest community foundations in the UK.  During her tenure she and the team more than doubled the permanent endowment to over £50 million and increased annual grant-making to over £5 million to support small, local causes.  Sue’s career also encompasses time as Director of Communications for The Bristol Port Company (the UK’s most centrally located deep sea port), South West Director for the CBI (“the voice of UK business”) and Director of a national charity which worked with businesses to encourage young people to study Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths