Harness the power of ChatGPT & generative AI in your business

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You’ve heard about ChatGPT but what is it?  And how can you use it in your business?  Take this short course to learn how ChatGPT and other generative AI tools work and how you can use them in business.  You’ll get hands-on with real artificial intelligence tools to start inspiring you with ideas for harnessing their power.


Our working world is changing rapidly so are you getting left behind? Goldman Sachs research revealed 300 million jobs could be affected by latest wave of artificial intelligence (AI).  Some jobs will be replaced by AI tools whilst millions of others will change as AI takes over many key tasks.  Frankly the skills and approaches you’ve used in the past are not enough to help you succeed now and in the future.  So how do you stay relevant?

Whether you are a leader today, or hope to become a leader tomorrow, it’s essential that you are able to use AI tools.  In this course you’ll get hands-on experience so leaders and managers who aren’t IT experts will learn about AI, particularly new generative AI tools like ChatGPT.

The media is full of stories about ChatGPT – it’s a new type of artificial intelligence tool that will revolutionise our world.  Recent research from AI Governance shows that 58% of Boards have no-one on them who understands what AI is and 91% have no controls for AI use. If you’re not a technical person you need to upskill so you understand how ChatGPT and similar tools work, and how you can harness their power.

This course will teach you:

  • the basics of what artificial intelligence is
  • what’s so special about ChatGPT and other generative AI
  • how you can get started with using it in your organisation
  • what pitfalls you need to be aware of
  • how to develop your career so you can keep up as technology changes.

My background is in law, communications, marketing and government relations.  In 2018 I realised that AI was going to change our world dramatically so I completely changed my career by taking a year to study MSc AI and Data Science.  I learned to code and was inspired by the technical opportunities AI offers, as well as the ethical challenges.  I also realised that not everyone can take a year out to study intensively so I established AI Governance to inspire leaders and organisation to use AI with wisdom and integrity.

Take this course and join the leaders who understand how to harness the power of AI.