We are passionate about helping leaders use AI to create a better world. We provide six services to clients who range from leaders curious to find out how to use artificial intelligence in their organisations to dynamic businesses wanting to govern their AI use better.

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AI Governance business consultancy icon

Where do you go for consultancy advice on using AI with wisdom and integrity?

The use of AI is exploding. Microsoft research found “organisations already using AI at scale are performing an average of 11.5% better than those who are not” which is massive motivation for organisations of all types and sizes to make AI work for them. But there are also many pitfalls to using AI – which is why you need pragmatic, actionable advice on using and governing AI, whether you’ve developed your own tools internally or bought them from suppliers.

How sure are you that the ways your organisation uses data and AI are:

  • Fair
  • Reliable and safe
  • Private and secure
  • Inclusive
  • Transparent?

We understand the challenges of using AI responsibly. Our consultancy services can help you develop a governance framework that meets your organisation’s needs so you gain the pragmatic, business-orientated governance and ethics practices that are right for your organisation.

Whether you need a mentor to guide and develop your team, or a subject matter expert to devise your ethics and governance structure from scratch, we’re here to help.

Take a look in more detail here or contact us to find out more about how we can help you use AI with wisdom and integrity.

AI Governance board development icon

Does your Board have the knowledge to make good decisions about AI?

We work with Non Executive Directors as well as Executive and Senior Leadership Teams to give you the knowledge and confidence to provide leadership in the complex, rapidly changing world of AI.

The 2022 AI Governance Report found that only 51% of leaders rate their Board members as knowledgeable about AI opportunities and risks.

AI Governance 2022

Whether your organisation is just getting started with artificial intelligence or you want to upskill more Board members, we’ll facilitate your Board Development session to give you the tools to identify the possibilities and pitfalls of AI so you can turn these technologies to your advantage in a controlled manner.

Read more about our Board development sessions.

AI Governance executive education icon

How do you find out more about AI?

Leaders often find it hard to admit to gaps in their knowledge so is there a discreet way to find out more about the possibilities and pitfalls of AI? There are many courses online and in real life that you could sign up to, ranging from £30 learn-at-home summaries to £30,000 block-buster courses with top global universities.

As well as our online Executive Education course you can access any time, we provide training sessions that are tailor-made for busy leaders to hit the sweet-spot that fuses solid grounding in what AI is, its capabilities and how to use it effectively in your organisation.

Our session with NEDonBoard was well received

Read more about our approach to Executive Education or contact us to discuss book your leadership develop training today.

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Where can you find practical research on AI use in organisations like yours?

There’s masses of academic research but not a lot of practical exploration of business use of AI. Commission us to find the use cases relevant to your organisation, as well as finding thought-leaders in academia and industry with actionable insights for you.

We produce the annual AI Governance Report which uncovers the trends in public policy and AI use. Email us to receive the latest report.

AI Governance regulation icon

Do you want to influence rules and regulations?

National and international regulations and law on data and AI are rapidly emerging as governments seek to keep up with technological changes and ensure what goes on in business and other organisations is appropriate for society. There will likely be attempts to levy new taxes on data driven businesses which could impact on commercial opportunities. In different jurisdictions we are seeing more draft rules to regulate how AI and data are used.

Unless you have your own government relations team, it’s a struggle to keep up with all the different proposals. You can use our long experience of building strong government relations for private and not-for-profit sectors to understand government thinking and share your real-world insights to help policy formulation.

Find out how we can boost your influence

AI Governance pro bono icon

Hot air or real social impact?

The brands that will thrive in the coming years are the ones that have a purpose beyond profit

Sir Richard Branson

Organisations talk a lot about their purpose, and you can see why when you read the research showing that consumers are increasingly spending with businesses that have strong credentials for how they treat employees, the environment and communities.

Unfortunately it’s easier to spout platitudes about being purpose-driven than to genuinely engineer your organisation to live and breathe equal focus on people, planet and profit.

We practice what we preach, giving time and resources to support disadvantaged people and communities – including free places on our Executive Education courses. Read more here and get in touch for our help with making real social impact with how you use AI.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you use AI with wisdom and integrity.