AI Governance is committed to using our resources responsibly and minimising our environmental impact. We believe that by integrating sustainability into our operations, we can contribute to a healthier planet for everyone. This policy outlines our key principles and commitments towards environmental sustainability.


  • Reduce our carbon footprint: We will actively seek ways to reduce our energy consumption, travel emissions and paper use.
  • Conserve resources: We will be mindful of resource consumption in all aspects of our operations, including water, electricity and materials.
  • Support sustainable practices: We will favour suppliers and partners who share our commitment to sustainability.
  • Raise awareness: We will educate our team about environmental issues and encourage them to adopt sustainable practices.
  • Continuous improvement: We will regularly review our environmental performance and set goals for improvement.


  • Energy: We will implement energy-saving measures in our offices and data use.
  • Travel: We will prioritise virtual meetings and travel by train or public transport whenever possible. Where other methods of travel are required we will seek to combine multiple meetings and other activities.
  • Paperless operations: We will strive to reduce paper use and promote digital workflows.
  • Waste reduction: We will implement recycling and composting programmes and minimise waste generation.
  • Sustainable procurement: We will consider the environmental impact of products and services when making purchasing decisions.


This policy will be implemented and reviewed by the AI Governance management team. We will encourage the team to contribute to our sustainability efforts and provide them with the necessary training and resources.


AI Governance believes that responsible AI development goes hand-in-hand with environmental stewardship. We are committed to playing our part in building a more sustainable future for all.