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These days it seems like everyone says their organisation is purpose driven – but as leaders we need to ask what we are actually doing to make a difference beyond making a profit, employing people and paying our taxes.

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So what are we doing at AI Governance? We “walk the walk” by:

  1. giving 20% of our time each year to active support of charities and social causes, including developing ways for diverse people and talent to influence the future of AI
  2. giving 1 free place on our AI for Leaders – the Essentials course for every 10 paid-for places
  3. informing all our clients how they can use their power to do more for society.

Helping you do more for society

“79% of business leaders believe that purpose is central to success, according to PwC

PwC – Putting Purpose to Work

With over 20 years’ experience in not-for-profits, we know that the balance of power between businesses and the third sector is usually wrong. Businesses design their corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity to align with their goals – and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that – but they then dictate the terms of engagement to the charitable organisations they decide to support. And inevitably their terms focus on business benefit so they skew activity away from what the charities actually need.

If you really want to make an impact on wider society, listen to what charitable and community organisations really need and give them exactly that.

Sue Turner OBE

The next CSR mistake most businesses make is to align only with large, brand name charities. In the world there are estimated to be over 10 million charitable organisations, with over 186,000 registered charities in the UK alone. We can show you how to have more social impact, aligned to your purpose, by supporting smaller, more local communities and charities.

Get in touch today so we can support you to develop your CSR practices so you’re proud to tell the world about the difference you’re making.