New support for Board members

The possibilities AI offers are enormous but how do Board members know where the pitfalls lie so they can assess risks and make good investment decisions?

AI Governance is supporting Board members to get educated on the possibilities and pitfalls of AI so you can move forward with confidence. Through online or in-person sessions we will work with you to help you grow your knowledge and skills in this fast-moving world. We used the slide deck below at an introductory session recently where we found:

  • 10% of delegates had either deployed AI in their business or were at the pilot stage
  • 58% were in the early stages of considering AI
  • 29% had not yet considered how to use AI.

We like to use straight-forward language, so put simply, AI helps you predict, personalise or automate. It’s that simple when you distil it down. So what business problems are you wrestling with where AI could help? With clear guidance from us we’ll help you get to grips with what AI is and how to use it in your business.

To talk about developing your own skills or to set up a Board development session contact Sue Turner at or on 07858 908046.

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