Don’t trust generative AI

No matter how many times we tell people that generative AI is a giant prediction machine, so you can’t trust everything that pours out of it, we’ll always get someone saying “Ah, but it’s better now!”

Well it’s true, many AI-powered tools are massively improved in 2024 compared to even 18 months ago. But that doesn’t mean we can trust them.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so have a look at this image we produced using the image generator. Would you trust the generative AI image? We first fed in the simple prompt “photorealistic image of business leaders sitting at a rectangular boardroom table”, which produced only images of white men in suits, demonstrating bias in the training data. After some tweaks, we were given this image, which brings a new meaning to “being put front and centre”!

AI generated image of people sitting a boardroom table with person trapped in the table
(c) 2024 AI Governance Limited

The usual image generation flaws are plain to see, like misshaped hands, odd proportions and alignments and a general lack of realism.

We’re now including this in our leadership develop presentations and training sessions to help clients understand that they need to keep on questioning the words, statistics and images that AI serves up to them. It’s always a prediction, not certainty so we need to keep on asking questions and probing otherwise we’ll be the dummy trapped in the AI table!

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