Join our live event on International Women’s Day 2024

What are you doing to mark International Women’s Day 2024 on 8 March? The theme this year is #InspireInclusion which is a perfect fit with our mission to inspire people to use AI with wisdom and integrity.

So join us at our LinkedIn live event where we’re inviting you to “Ask Anything About Artificial Intelligence”. We know many women feel excluded from the AI revolution – not surprising as so many headlines are dominated by the few very wealthy men who catch the attention of the media.

We know, however, that there are amazing women who are shaping the future of AI. From coders and tech innovators to ethics and governance specialists, AI is most definitely an area where women add huge value.

That’s why we’re having this “open house” on 8 March to encourage people to come forward with their questions and get the answers they seek. Join us and tell your networks to come along too!

Click this link to say you’ll attend and you can post your questions in the comments section too.

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