New help for bosses to harness the power of AI

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AI Governance is proud to announce the launch of our new Executive Education course, “AI for Leaders: The Essentials.” This online course, which can be completed in under four hours, is designed to equip leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the rapidly changing world of artificial intelligence.

The course is divided into 11 modules, each of which covers a different aspect of AI use and governance. The modules cover the basics of AI, including its history, current state and future potential, giving leaders a solid understanding of the technology and its capabilities.

They also explore key concepts surrounding the ethical, legal and social implications of AI. This is an increasingly important topic as AI systems become more powerful and more integrated into our lives. Topics such as bias and discrimination, data privacy and the impact of AI on jobs and society are all explored.

This course is highly practical, demonstrating many applications of AI in a variety of organisations. Learners get “hands-on” experience of using AI as well as a framework for thinking about how AI can be used to improve operations, increase efficiency and drive innovation.

The final module is focused on leadership and strategy, guiding leaders to form their own development plan as well as how to start discussions on AI and developing leadership capability in this area. This module also covers the importance of diverse stakeholder engagement and collaboration in the development and deployment of AI systems.

The course is designed for leaders from a variety of backgrounds, including business, government and non-profit organisations. No specialist or technical knowledge is required. It is delivered by Sue Turner who shares her experience of leading businesses and not for profits and her pragmatic insights into the possibilities and pitfalls of using AI.

We believe that this course provides essential learning for any leader looking to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of AI. Enroll and learn how to harness the power of AI for the benefit of your organisation and society as a whole.

To register for the course or to learn more about the curriculum, please visit

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