Societies are not prepared for AI — politically, legally or ethically

Societies are not prepared for AI — politically, legally or ethically. This is the conclusion of a recent TechCrunch report by Angela Kane and Wendell Wallach who argue that AI will: shift the balance of power between nations; empower a new set of geopolitical players beyond nation states; and open possibilities for new forms of conflict.

The world is not prepared for how AI will transform geopolitics and the ethics of international relations

Their message is not without hope, however. They believe the risks AI brings could be mitigated by “open dialogue about its benefits, limitations and complexities”. With Angela’s background as the former under-secretary-general of the United Nations it’s perhaps not surprising that they advocate an established global mechanism – the G20 – as a potential forum for this discussions but they also recognise that a new mechanism may be needed that involves other stakeholders including the private sector.

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